スカンジナビア・ササカワ財団から2016年に奨学金を授与し、災害にあった福島県の南相馬市にて 民話を集める。

スウェーデン、ストックホルムを本部に置き、中南米、北欧でのプロジェクトを実施する非営利団体Innovadora (スペイン語で革新者を意味する)に所属。2017年夏にはスウェーデンにいる避難民の青少年、少女たちにアート(ヨガ、ダンス、絵画、映画制作)を通して交流を図るプロジェクトを主催。



Azusa Itagaki


Born in 1986

Performance artist, yoga instructor, body therapist,

and children’s book author


Migrated to Sweden at the age of twenty

BA in Language and Culture at Malmö University in Sweden

MA in Fashion Studies at University of Stockholm

Creative Dance at School of Music Pedagogy in Stockholm


Azusa created Japanese Storytelling Yoga for kids and family in 2013 because of her great passion and interest for folktales and mythologies. In 2016, she received a scholarship from Scandinavian-Sasakawa Foundation to do a reseach of folk tales in Minami-Soma City, Fukushima Prefecture.


She is also a member of a none-profit organization Innovadora (meaning innovators in Spanish) that conducts projects mainly in Latin America and Scandinavia. In 2017, they have made an art project with youth who are asylum seekers in Sweden.